Waterman of the Bay

Harry Davidson, an 86 year old Kent Island, Maryland native and watermen has spent his life on the Chesapeake Bay writing music about his love of the ‘Mother Bay’ and his life as a waterman. His lyrics and music capture the essence of the working watermen.
His album is “Songs for the Waterman of the Chesapeake Bay”
His granddaughters documentary will be coming out soon, watch a preview here: https://vimeo.com/213301554



Corsica River Renga

Chirping, keeping watch,

Waves brush past and I hear it,

Vines and river life

The vines are there, dangling,

While leave begin falling down

Buds blooming in peace

Birds chirping and flittering

Light luminating

Leaves swirling with twiddle

Luring the land to receive

Leaves shining ahead me

Rocks lies beside where I am

wind surrounding me

I can hear it laughing there

in the peaceful quiet sky

Cloud drifting slowly

Even though rain is coming

Never stops shining

A storm can be a beautiful site

Making the plants and animals happy

The Waves rush against

The Shore Barren of Creatures

Dark, Eerie, Nothing Left

I smell the salt off the earth

Alone I look at nothing

And from the Earth we saw

A multitude of people living their lives

In silence and fear

or Peace, like a butterfly

Sailing through among the birds

The flap of their wings

Break the silence of the tide

As I sit watching

Water lapping at low tide

Strips away the silent cries

Dirt Roads to the Wharf

Jumping into the chilled waves

Icy skin breathing

Trees sway in the blowing wind

Leaves fall on the flat water

We run from water

Shooting into the moist woods

Falling through wet logs

The log cuts deep; spilling warm blood

I from and yell “Screw Nature”​

iPhone/Camera Tips


The Rule of Thirds is a principle in which you apply a 3×3 grid through the VF when taking your photo, with subjects or interesting elements placed on the grid lines or intersecting points. This composition technique gives a natural feel to your photograph. It helps position elements that improve your photography and creates a more aesthetically pleasing photo for the viewer.


TIPS for Photography

  • Horizontal or vertical?
  • Perspective
  • Negative space
  • Repeated patterns or texture
  • Symmetry (or asymmetry) and balance
  • Contrast
    • Have subject wear different tone shirt from background
    • Variety of tones

TIPS for taking better photos on your iPhone

  • Turn on your GRID
  • Take Multiple shots
  • Don’t use your flash
  • Focus: Focus Lock
  • Don’t zoom with your iPhone- MOVE CLOSER
  • Use things to help stable your phone
  • Keeping it with you
  • Lighting?


Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad

“Let your motto be
No oppressed people have ever secured their Liberty without resistance.”

-Henry Highland Garnet, from his Call to Rebellion speech, 1843

“Sense of Place” 

-Who are you?

-How is where you are part of who you are?

-What does it mean to have a sense of place both physically and psychically?

-How does point of view affect an individual’s sense of place?

-In what ways can art (literary and visual–and music, though our focus is on writing and the visual arts) foster sustainability?